For us, the elegance and perfection of classical music is a fascination in its purest form. It is a kind of bridge between the centuries up to today, it gives us to understand how our ancestors felt emotionally, yes, it even gives us insights into aspects and basic features of society from back then. Classical music as a companion on our musical journey forms the basis of our repertoire.

Latin American music

Passions and fiery passions are reflected in the music from Latin America and form the spice of our music. The emotions floating above the music allow the listener to embark on a musical journey across continents.

Modern music

Do you fancy something new, modern?
Artists of today are often confronted with the question of what possibilities there are for the interpretation of “new music”. New music enables artists to freely choose their interpretation, to give the work its own creative spirit, its own note and to make it sound more personal. The term “melody” is being revived, and many also like to refer to it as “musical noises”. Asymmetrical rhythms and musical freedom in a certain period of time are important basic elements of this / our epoch. Because of this freedom, the artist's answer to the question of interpretation remains mostly subjective.

Waltz and Polka

The dance is an important part of our music, an endless swing into freedom. These musical rhythms in two and three time and their lively melodies allow the body and mind to grow beyond its limits, make it possible to let go to romp, let us float and are often clear and carefree. Well-known waltzes and polkas of the Strauss dynasty are the main components of our dance music.

Folk songs from different nations

Cultural assets or dance music, the answer to this question is left to our audience. The diversity in this area of ​​our repertoire reflects both our internationality and our nationality. The customs and culture of a people can be seen in their folk songs. Folk songs enable expression and show belonging. Joy, doubt, endless agony of love, festivals and even wars can be heard audibly from the diverse songs of different nations. Folk songs paint a sonic image of those who wrote them.

Light music

We turn the beautiful occasions of our audience into a very special and lively event through musical styles such as pop, jazz, ragtimes and film music.